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Woodruff Key Assortment (Master Kit) – CA2177

Part Number: CA2177

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• Imperial and Metric
• 34 Sizes: 3/32″ to 3/8″ & 2mm to 10mm Dia
• 341 Pieces

Replacement Packs

Part No.DescriptionQTYLink
C177-11/2 x 3/32" WK212Details
C177-21/2 x 1/8" WK324Details
C177-35/8 x 1/8" WK524Details
C177-45/8 x 5/32" WK624Details
C177-53/4 x 1/8" WK712Details
C177-63/4 x 3/16" WK912Details
C177-73/4 x 5/32" WK812Details
C177-87/8 x 3/16" WK1112Details
C177-91 x 3/16" WK1312Details
C177-101 x 1/4" WK1512Details
C177-111-1/8 x 3/16" WK166Details
C177-121-1/8 x 1/4" WK186Details
C177-131-1/4 x 1/4" WK213Details
C177-147/8 x 1/4" WKA6Details
C177-151-1/8 x 5/16" WKC6Details
C177-161-1/4 x 5/16" WKD3Details
C177-171-1/4 x 3/8" WKE3Details
C1705-12 x 10mm MWK310Details
C1705-22.5 x 10mm MWK515Details
C1705-33 x 10mm MWK615Details
C1705-43 x 13mm MWK715Details
C1705-53 x 16mm MWK815Details
C1705-63 x 19mm MWK915Details
C1705-74 x 13mm MWK108Details
C1705-84 x 16mm MWK118Details
C1705-94 x 19mm MWK128Details
C1705-105 x 16mm MWK148Details
C1705-115 x 19mm MWK158Details
C1705-125 x 22mm MWK1610Details
C1705-136 x 22mm MWK198Details
C1705-146 x 28mm MWK218Details
C1705-158 x 28mm MWK265Details
C1705-168 x 32mm MWK275Details
C1705-1710 x 32mm MWK303Details