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Metric Roll Pin Master Kit

Part No: CA2020

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  • Metric
  • Large Sizes
  • 24 Sizes: 2mm to 10mm Dia
  • 360 Pieces

Replacement Packs

Part No.DescriptionQTYLink
C2020-12.0 x 20mm20Details
C2020-22.5 x 16mm20Details
C2020-32.5 x 25mm20Details
C2020-43.0 x 16mm20Details
C2020-53.0 x 20mm20Details
C2020-63.0 x 25mm20Details
C2020-74.0 x 16mm20Details
C2020-84.0 x 20mm20Details
C2020-94.0 x 25mm20Details
C2020-105.0 x 20mm20Details
C2020-115.0 x 25mm20Details
C2020-125.0 x 30mm10Details
C2020-135.0 x 40mm10Details
C2020-146.0 x 20mm20Details
C2020-156.0 x 25mm20Details
C2020-166.0 x 30mm20Details
C2020-176.0 x 40mm10Details
C2020-186.0 x 50mm10Details
C2020-196.0 x 60mm5Details
C2020-208.0 x 30mm10Details
C2020-218.0 x 40mm10Details
C2020-228.0 x 50mm5Details
C2020-2310 x 50mm5Details
C2020-2410 x 60mm5Details