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Auto Fuse Assortment (Master Kit) – CA2005

Part No: CA2005

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• Glass 2 to 50 Amp
• Blade 5 to 30 Amp
• European 8 to 25 Amp
• 24 Sizes
• 24 Types
• 310 Pieces

Replacement Packs

Part No.DescriptionQTYLink
C2005-11AG 2AMP FUSES10Details
C2005-21AG 5AMP FUSES10Details
C2005-32AG 7.5AMP FUSES10Details
C2005-43AG 2AMP FUSES10Details
C2005-53AG 5AMP FUSES10Details
C2005-63AG 7.5AMP FUSES10Details
C2005-73AG 10AMP FUSES20Details
C2005-83AG 15AMP FUSES20Details
C2005-93AG 20AMP FUSES20Details
C2005-103AG 25AMP FUSES10Details
C2005-113AG 30AMP FUSES10Details
C2005-123AG 35AMP FUSES10Details
C2005-14SFE-14AMP FUSES10Details
C2005-156AC 8AMP FUSES10Details
C2005-166AC 16AMP FUSES10Details
C2005-176AC 25AMP FUSES10Details
C2005-18AF 5AMP BLADE FUSES10Details
C2005-19AF 7.5AMP BLADE FUSES10Details
C2005-20AF 10AMP BLADE FUSES10Details
C2005-21AF 15AMP BLADE FUSES20Details
C2005-22AF 20AMP BLADE FUSES20Details
C2005-23AF 25AMP BLADE FUSES20Details
C2005-24AF 30AMP BLADE FUSES10Details