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Stainless Steel Fastener Assortment – CA1800

Part Number: CA1800

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• Metric & Imperial
• Bolts, Screws, Washers and Split Pins
• GR 304/A2
• 38 Sizes
• 324 Pieces

Replacement Packs

Part No.DescriptionQTYLink
C1810-36 x 3/8" Pan Hd, Phillips20Details
C1810-56 x 3/4" Pan Hd, Phillips20Details
C1810-88 x 1/2" Pan Hd, Phillips20Details
C1810-108 x 1" Pan Hd, Phillips10Details
C1810-1310 x 3/4" Pan Hd, Phillips5Details
C1810-1510 x 1-1/2" Pan Hd, Phillips5Details
C1820-14 x 1/2" CSK, Phillips20Details
C1820-56 x 3/4" CSK, Phillips20Details
C1820-88 x 1/2" CSK, Phillips20Details
C1820-108 x 1" CSK, Phillips10Details
C1820-1310 x 3/4" CSK, Phillips5Details
C1820-1510 x 1-1/2" CSK, Phillips5Details
C1830-33/16 x 7/16" Flat Washers10Details
C1830-41/4 x 9/16" Flat Washers10Details
C1830-55/16 x 5/8" Flat Washers5Details
C1830-63/8 x 13/16" Flat Washers5Details
C1840-23/16" (5mm) Spring Washers10Details
C1840-31/4" Spring Washers10Details
C1840-45/16" (8mm) Spring Wash5Details
C1840-53/8" (10mm) Spring Wash5Details
C1850-21.6 x 32mm Split Pins10Details
C1850-52.5 x 50mm Split Pins10Details
C1850-83.2 x 50mm Split Pins5Details
C1850-94.0 x 50mm Split Pins5Details
C1860-133/16" Hex Nuts A210Details
C1860-141/4" Hex Nuts A26Details
C1860-101/4 x 2" Rnd Hd Screws2Details
C1860-53/16 x 3/4" Rnd Hd Screws4Details
C1860-63/16 x 1" Rnd Hd Screws4Details
C1860-7 3/16 x 1-1/2" Rnd Screws2Details
C1860-84 1/4 x 1" Rnd Hd Screws4Details
C1870-44 6 x 16mm Set Screws4Details
C1870-64 6 x 25mm Set Screws4Details
C1870-7 6 x 40mm Set Screws2Details
C1870-98 x 25mm Set Screws4Details
C1870-118 x 40mm Set Screws2Details
C1870-16M6 x 1.00mm Hex Nuts10Details
C1870-17M8 x 1.25mm Hex Nuts6Details