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Self Tapping Screw Master Kit

Part No: CA1630

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  • Metric
  • Phillips Raised Pan Slot and Hex Head incl. Cup Washers
  • Z/P
  • N/P
  • 19 Sizes: 3.5mm to 6.3mm
  • Lengths 13mm to 38mm
  • 1680 Pieces

Replacement Packs

Part No.DescriptionQTYLink
C1630-1RSD-PHILLIPS-3.5 x 19mm-NICKEL PLATED100Details
C1630-2RSD-PHILLIPS-3.5 x 25mm-NICKEL PLATED100Details
C1630-3RSD-PHILLIPS-4.2 x 19mm-NICKEL PLATED100Details
C1630-4RSD-PHILLIPS-4.2 x 25mm-NICKEL PLATED50Details
C1630-5RSD-PHILLIPS-4.8 x 25mm-NICKEL PLATED50Details
C1630-6PAN-COMBO-3.5 x 13mm-ZINC PLATED100Details
C1630-7PAN-SLOT-3.5 x 19mm-ZINC PLATED100Details
C1630-8PAN-SLOT-4.2 x 13mm-ZINC PLATED100Details
C1630-9PAN-SLOT-4.2 x 19mm-ZINC PLATED100Details
C1630-10PAN-COMBO-4.2 x 25mm-ZINC PLATED75Details
C1630-11PAN-COMBO-4.8 x 13mm-ZINC PLATED100Details
C1630-12PAN-COMBO-4.8 x 19mm-ZINC PLATED75Details
C1630-13PAN-SLOT-4.8 x 25mm-ZINC PLATED50Details
C1630-14PAN-SLOT-4.8 x 38mm-ZINC PLATED30Details
C1630-15HEX-COMBO-4.2 x 25mm-ZINC PLATED50Details
C1630-16HEX-COMBO-4.8 x 13mm-ZINC PLATED100Details
C1630-17HEX-COMBO-4.8 x 19mm-ZINC PLATED50Details
C1630-18HEX-COMBO-5.5 x 25mm-ZINC PLATED50Details
C1630-19HEX-COMBO-6.3 x 19mm-ZINC PLATED50Details
C1630-20WASHER-CUP-3.5mm-NICKEL PLATED100Details
C1630-21WASHER-CUP-4.2mm-NICKEL PLATED100Details
C1630-22WASHER-CUP-4.8mm-NICKEL PLATED50Details