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Front Alignment Shim Assortment – CA106

Part No: CA106

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• Imperial
• Suitable for GM and Ford Vehicles
• 12 Sizes: 4 Types in 1/32″ 1/16″ & 1/8″ Thickness
• 131 Pieces

Replacement Packs

Part No.DescriptionQTYLink
C106-11/32 suit FORD15Details
C106-21/16 suit FORD10Details
C106-31/8 suit FORD6Details
C106-41/32 suit G.M.20Details
C106-51/16 suit G.M.20Details
C106-61/8 suit G.M.7Details
C106-71/32 suit HT/HK HOLDEN10Details
C106-81/16 suit HT/HK HOLDEN10Details
C106-91/8 suit HT/HK HOLDEN6Details
C106-101/32 suit HQ HOLDEN10Details
C106-111/16 suit HQ HOLDEN10Details
C106-121/8 suit HQ HOLDEN7Details